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Internal Evaluation Groups (OM.E.A)


OM.E.A. operates within academic units, has a monitoring role and acts as a connecting link between MODIP and the corresponding academic unit. It coordinates, in cooperation with its MODIP, the internal evaluation procedure inside the academic unit.

It is responsible for activating and monitoring the completion of the inventory forms and questionnaires and informing the bodies and members of the academic unit for the results of the staff’s teaching work.

It is also responsible, in cooperation with the head of each department, for the writing of the proposal for the accreditation process of the undergraduate programme of studies of the academic unit.

The following ranking is in alphabetical order, based on rank.

Department of Civil Engineering 

Head of the Department: Lazaros Iliadis Professor liliadis@civil.duth.gr
Chalioris Konstantinos Professor chaliori@civil.duth.gr
Akratos Christos Associate Professor cakratos@civil.duth.gr
Markou Ioannis Associate Professor imarkou@civil.duth.gr
Tzourmakliotou Dimitra Associate Professor dtzourma@civil.duth.gr
Kogketsof Avrilia Assistant Professor akogkets@civil.duth.gr
Samaras Achilleas Assistant Professor achsamar@civil.duth.gr

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Head of the Department: Sirakoulis Georgios Professor gsirak@ee.duth.gr
Zoiros Kyriakos Professor kzoiros@ee.duth.gr
Sirakoulis Georgios Professor gsirak@ee.duth.gr
Tsaousidis Vassilios Professor vtsaousi@ee.duth.gr
Dimitrakopoulos Georgios (coordinator) Associate Professor dimitrak@ee.duth.gr
Mitianoudis Nikolaos Associate Professor nmitiano@ee.duth.gr
Papadopoulos Theofilos Associate Professor thpapad@ee.duth.gr
Titopoulos Vassilios Under. Student  michlits@ee.duth.gr

Department of Environmental Engineering

Head of the Department: Ntougias Spyridon Professor sntougia@env.duth.gr
Gemitzi Alexandra Professor agkemitz@env.duth.gr
Gikas Georgios Professor ggkikas@env.duth.gr
Nikolaou Ioannis Professor inikol@env.duth.gr 
Zoras Stamatios Associate Professor szoras@env.duth.gr

Department of Architectural Engineering

Head of the Department: Polychronopoulos Dimitris Professor dpolychr@arch.duth.gr
Dendrinos Stavros (President) Associate Professor sdendrin@arch.duth.gr
Giouzepas Dimitris Assistant Professor dgiouzep@arch.duth.gr
Grigoriadou Maria Assistant Professor magrigor@arch.duth.gr
Kapandriti Anastasia Assistant Professor nkapandr@arch.duth.gr
Papagianopoulos Georgios Assistant Professor gpapagno@arch.duth.gr
Voutetaki Maria-Styliani Assistant Professor mvouteta@arch.duth.gr
Ritzouli Aikaterini Assistant Professor aritzoul@arch.duth.gr

Department of Production and Management Engineering

Head of the Department: Koulouriotis Dimitrios Professor jimk@pme.duth.gr
Botsaris Pantelis (coordinator) Professor panmpots@pme.duth.gr
Amanatiadis Aggelos-Isaak Assistant Professor aamanat@pme.duth.gr
Vavatsikos Athanasios Assistant Professor avavatsikos@gmail.com
Papantonopoulos Sotirios Assistant Professor spapant@pme.duth.gr

Department of Law

Head of the Department: Chrysomallis Michail Professor mchrysom@law.duth.gr
Chrysomallis Michail Professor mchrysom@law.duth.gr
Dervitsiotis Alkiviadis Professor adervits@law.duth.gr
Chelidonis Apostolos Professor ahelidon@law.duth.gr
Apostolidou Anna Assistant Professor aapost@law.duth.gr
Bampetas Georgios Assistant Professor gbampeta@law.duth.gr

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science

Head of the Department: Douda Helen Professor edouda@phyed.duth.gr
Douda Helen Professor edouda@phyed.duth.gr
Gourgoulis Vasilios Professor vgoyrgoy@phyed.duth.gr
Bebetsos Evangelos Professor empempet@phyed.duth.gr
Vernadakis Nikolaos Associate Professor nvernada@phyed.duth.gr
Kouli Olga Associate Professor okouli@phyed.duth.gr
Tsitskari Efi Associate Professor etsitska@phyed.duth.gr
Yfantidou Georgia Assistant Professor gifantid@phyed.duth.gr
Giannakou Erasmia Assistant Professor egiannak@phyed.duth.gr

Department of History and Ethnology

Head of the Department: Tsigaras Georgios Professor georgts@otenet.gr
Tsigaras Georgios Professor georgts@otenet.gr
Lampridis Efthymios Associate Professor elamprid@he.duth.gr
Mpakirtzis Ioannis Associate Professor impakirt@bscc.duth.gr
Papageorgopoulou Christina Associate Professor cpapage@he.duth.gr
Kougkoulos Athanasios Assistant Professor akougkou@he.duth.gr
Macha Athena Assistant Professor nantia.macha@gmail.com
Syriatou Athina Assistant Professor asyriato@he.duth.gr

Department of Greek Philology

Head of the Department: Papagiannis Grigorios Professor gpapagia@helit.duth.gr
Mavrelos Nikolaos Professor nmavrelo@helit.duth.gr
Papagiannis Grigorios Professor gpapagia@helit.duth.gr
Tsomis Georgios Professor gtsomis@helit.duth.gr
Dosi Iphigenia Assistant Professor idosi@helit.duth.gr
Paraskeviotis George Assistant Professor gparaske@helit.duth.gr
Ioannidou Maria Under. Student mariioan19@helit.duth.gr

Department of Social Work

Head of the Department: Polyzoidis Periklis Professor ppolyzoi@sw.duth.gr
Chatzifotiou Sevasti (coordinator) Professor schatzif@sw.duth.gr
Polyzos Nikolaos Professor npolyzos@sw.duth.gr
Tsergas Nikolaos Associate Professor ntsergas@sw.duth.gr
Morfakidis Christos Assistant Professor cmorfaki@sw.duth.gr
Philippidis Georgios Assistant Professor geofilip@sw.duth.gr

Department of Social Policy

Head of the Department: Pempetzoglou Maria Professor mariap@sp.duth.gr
Ioannidis Alexis Professor aioann@sp.duth.gr
Pempetzoglou Maria Professor mariap@sp.duth.gr
Koulouris Nikolaos Associate Professor nkoulour@sp.duth.gr
Adam Sophia Assistant Professor sadam@sp.duth.gr
Gasparinatou Margarita Assistant Professor mgaspari@sp.duth.gr
Papanastasiou Stefanos Assistant Professor spapanas@sp.duth.gr
Tassis Chrysanthos Assistant Professor ctassis@sp.duth.gr
Ntinitsoudi Oraia S.T.L.S. ontinits@sp.duth.gr
Τsarpa Ioanna L.T.S. itsarpa@sp.duth.gr

Department of Political Science

Head of the Department: Bekas Ioannis Professor impekas@law.duth.gr
Dikeos Constantinos Associate Professor cdikeos@polsci.duth.gr
Chardas Anastasios Assistant Professor achardas@polsci.duth.gr
Grammatikas Vassilios Assistant Professor bgramm@polsci.duth.gr
Eleftheriou Konstantinos Assistant Professor keleftheri@polsci.duth.gr
Pantazis Apostolos Assistant Professor apantaz@polsci.duth.gr
Papanastasopoulos Nikolaos Assistant Professor npapanas@polsci.duth.gr
Siakas Georgios Assistant Professor gsiakas@polsci.duth.gr

Department of Economics

Head of the Department: Dimitriou Dimitrios Professor ddimitri@econ.duth.gr
Hazakis Konstantinos Professor kchazaki@econ.duth.gr
Pistikou Victoria Assistant Professor vpistiko@econ.duth.gr
Plakandaras Vasileios Assistant Professor vplakand@econ.duth.gr
Poufinas Thomas Assistant Professor tpoufina@econ.duth.gr
Rigopoulos Konstantinos Assistant Professor krigopou@econ.duth.gr
Sartzetaki Maria Assistant Professor msartze@econ.duth.gr
Vlados Charalambos Assistant Professor cvlados@econ.duth.gr

Department of Languages, Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries

Head of the Department: Petropoulos Elias Professor ipetropo@bscc.duth.gr
Dimasi Maria Professor mdimasi@bscc.duth.gr
Petropoulos Elias Professor ipetropo@bscc.duth.gr
Baros Vasileios Associate Professor vbaros@bscc.duth.gr
Aroni Chariklia Assistant Professor caroni@bscc.gr
Mavridou Vasiliki S.E.S. vmavrido@bscc.duth.gr

Department of Medicine

Head of the Department: Vadikolias Konstantinos Professor kvadikol@med.duth.gr
Papanas Nikolaos Professor papanasn@med.duth.gr
Anagnostopoulos Konstantinos Associate Professor kanagnos@med.duth.gr
Karakasiliotis Ioannis Associate Professor ioakarak@med.duth.gr
Kontomanoilis Emmanouil Associate Professor ekontoma@med.duth.gr
Nena Evangelia Associate Professor enena@med.duth.gr
Pavlidis Pavlos Associate Professor pavlidi@med.duth.gr
Undergraduate Student Representative  

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Head of the Department: Tokatlidis Ioannis Professor itokatl@mbg.duth.gr
Papageorgiou Aristotelis Professor apapage@mbg.duth.gr
Chlichlia Katerina Professor achlichl@mbg.duth.gr
Boulougouris Giorgios Associate Professor gbouloug@mbg.duth.gr
Fakis Giannoulis Assistant Professor gfakis@mbg.duth.gr
Katsani Katerina Assistant Professor kkatsani@mbg.duth.gr

Department of Primary Education

Head of the Department:Karafyllis Athanasios Professor akarafil@eled.duth.gr
Efthymiou Angeliki Professor aefthym@eled.duth.gr
Karafyllis Athanasios Professor akarafil@eled.duth.gr
Kokkinos Konstantinos Professor kkokkino@eled.duth.gr
Papageorgiou Georgios Professor gpapageo@eled.duth.gr
Markos Angelos (Committee President) Associate Professor amarkos@eled.duth.gr

Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood

Head of the Department: Mavrommatis Georgios Professor gmavromm@psed.duth.gr
Prentzas Dimitrios Associate Professor dprentza@psed.duth.gr
Sapountzis Antonios (coordinator) Associate Professor ansapoun@psed.duth.gr
Theodoridis Alexandros Associate Professor atheodor@psed.duth.gr
Brouskeli Vasiliki Assistant Professor vbrouske@psed.duth.gr
Giamakidou Eleni Under. Student elengiam1@psed.duth.gr

Department of Agricultural Development

Head of the Department: Kimbaris Athanassios Professor kimparis@agro.duth.gr
Kimbaris Athanassios Professor kimparis@agro.duth.gr
Vryzas Zisis Professor zvryzas@agro.duth.gr
Plessas Stavros Associate Professor splessas@agro.duth.gr
Raptou Elena Assistant Professor elenra@agro.duth.gr
Undergraduate Student    

Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources

Head of the Department: Tsantopoulos Georgios Professor tsantopo@fmenr.duth.gr
Galatsidas Spyros Professor sgalatsi@fmenr.duth.gr
Kyriazopoulos Apostolos Associate Professor apkyriaz@fmenr.duth.gr
Orfanoudakis Michalis Associate Professor morfan@fmenr.duth.gr
Paschalidou Anastasia Associate Professor apascha@fmenr.duth.gr
Symeonidis Angelos S.T.L.S. asimeoni@fmenr.duth.gr