You can find useful material on the Legislation that governs the educational activities and procedures of Higher Education.


1.Law1268 / 1982 (Government Gazette 87 vol.Α)
«On the organizational structure, function and operation of Higher Education Institutions»

2.Law2083 / 1992 (Government Gazette 159 vol.Α)
«Modernization of Higher Education»

3.Law2530 / 1997 (Government Gazette 218 vol.Α)
«Service status and salary reform of the teaching and research staff, and other teaching staff of Higher Education Institutions (A.E.I. – T.E.I) – Salary arrangements concerning researchers of research institutes and other related categories and other provisions.»

4.Law3549 / 2007 (Government Gazette 69 vol.Α)
«Reform of the institutional framework for the structure and function of Higher Education Institutions.»

5.Law3685 / 2008 (Government Gazette 148 vol.Α)
«Institutional framework for postgraduate studies.»

6.Law3848 / 2010 (Government Gazette 71 vol.Α)
«Upgrading the role of the teacher- establishing rules of evaluation and meritocracy in education and other provisions.»

7.Law4009 / 2011 (Government Gazette 195 vol.Α)
«Structure, function and operation, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of Higher Education Institutions»

8.Law4076 / 2012 (Government Gazette 159 vol.Α)
«Regulations of Higher Education Institution matters and other provisions»

9.Law4115 / 2013 (Government Gazette 24 vol.Α)
«Organization and operation of the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning and the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance and other provisions»

10.Law4186 / 2013 (Government Gazette 193 vol.Α)
«Restructuring of Secondary Education and other provisions” Article 39 “Higher Education Issues»

11.Law4301 / 2014 (Government Gazette 223 vol.Α)
«Organization of the legal form of religious communities and their associations in Greece and other provisions within the competence of the General Secretariat for Religious Affairs and other provisions.»Article 34 “Final approval of the Postgraduate Program (P.M.S.)

12.Law4386 / 2016 (Government Gazette 83 vol.Α)
«Regulations for research and other provisions»


Article 26 “Administrative matters of Universities and TEI”

Article 28 “Regulation of matters concerning the proper function and operation of Universities and TEI”

Article 70 (replacement of article 19 of Law4009/2011)

Article 73 (replacement of the last subparagraph of par. 3 of Article 18 of Law4009/2011)

13.Law4405 / 2016 (Government Gazette 129 vol.Α)
«Ratification of the Council Decision 2014/335 / EU, Euratom on the European Union’s own resources system and other provisions.»

Article 4 “Regulations regarding matters of announcements and election of University Professors”

Article 6 “Regulations regarding textbooks for HEI”

14.Law4415 / 2016 (Government Gazette 159 vol.Α)
«Regulations concerning Greek language education, intercultural education and other provisions»

Article 55 “Transfer of University Teaching Staff”

Article 61 “Regulations concerning Lecturers of HEIs and Professors of Applications of TEI “

15.Law4452 / 2017 (Government Gazette 17 vol.Α)
«”Regulations regarding the State Certificate in Language Proficiency, the National Library of Greece and other provisions”»


Article 19 “Regulations concerning HEIs”.

Article 30 “Regulations concerning Professors and serving Lecturers of HEIs”.

Article 35 (replacement of Article 16(5)(a) of Law 4009/2011 as amended by article 55 of Law 4415/2016).

16.Law4485 / 2017 (Government Gazette 114 vol.Α)
«Organization, function and operation of Higher Education, regulations for research and other provisions.»

17. Law4957 / 2022 (Government Gazette 141 vol.Α)
«New Horizons in Higher Education Institutions: Strengthening the quality, functionality and connection of H.E.I.s with society and other provisions.»