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The internal evaluation, which was the first stage of the process, is a regularly repeated participatory process and is carried out under the responsibility of the Institution’s MODIP. It is essentially a self-evaluation process, which marks the institution’s identity, as it captures and highlights all the characteristics of its operation, positive and negative points, and records its goals. The internal evaluation process is completed with the drafting of the Internal Evaluation Report, which is drawn up in accordance with the principles and guidelines of the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (formerly A.D.I.P.), as they were formulated in accordance with both the institutional and regulatory framework of D.U.Th., as well as the relevant discussions with the competent bodies of the University and is approved by the Institution’s administration.


Useful Institutional Internal Evaluation Forms:

  • Annual Internal Evaluation Guide USP – IQAS (pdf)
  • Internal Evaluation Report Templaye IQAS (doc)